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A big hello!

Thanks for visiting our website. Smart Wellness by Dr Julia Jones is a mission-driven company at the intersection of health, science, technology, nutrition and education. It was founded by Dr Julia Jones during lockdown in 2020/21. Julia began her professional journey 30 years ago when as a sport and exercise scientist she visited a US Navy Base in California and was shown how to use music as a ‘biohack’. Since then she has amassed a portfolio of academic credentials in neuroscience, behavioural science and psychology. She has become increasingly interested in the gut-brain-axis and the impact of our habits on longevity. Many clients around the world have benefited from Julia’s experience and the Smart Wellness plan she launched in 2020. Julia continues to promote music as an example of a highly versatile wellness biohack, which is why over the years she gained the nickname ‘Dr Rock’. She is also a musician and DJ.

Our aim is to help communicate the latest science to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, so everyone can significantly reduce their risk of illness and live healthier, longer lives.

Here are some key facts we think everyone should be aware of:

  • 50 years of huge diet and fitness trends and promotional campaigns FAILED to produce healthy nations
  • Those protocols are out-of-date and are unsustainable high effort approaches which is why they don’t work long-term through our life-course
  • Despite their proven flaws they are still being promoted as the standard health guidance today
  • The wellness and longevity science has moved forward dramatically in recent years but has not yet reached mainstream awareness
  • The key to a healthy long life lies in simple, small habit adjustments that once made you never have to think about again
  • You don’t actually need a gym or diet
  • Your habits (including possibly your gym habit) are likely accelerating your biological ageing rate
  • A ‘biohack’ is an efficient action that directly targets your evolutionary biological circuits to help them work as they were intended

We make the science simple to understand and give you the tools to easily make the necessary adjustments. Here are a few examples of our smart wellness habit hacks:

  • Eating within a smaller window (e.g. 8-10 hours) triggers essential cellular responses that keep us well and boost longevity
  • Eating at least 30 different types of fruits and vegetables per week significantly reduces the risk of illness
  • Getting your gut health tested and/or your biological age measured is an easy way of seeing how your habits are impacting your ageing speed
  • Exposing your eyes to natural daylight earlier in the day helps your sleep quality
  • Sea swimming or cold showers activated longevity pathways in your cells and help you live healthier longer
  • Enjoying a live bacteria drink such as kombucha or kefir (or food such as kimchii or sauerkraut) every day helps boost your essential gut diversity.

Steph McGovern, Host of Channel 4’s “Steph’s Packed Lunch” and former BBC business journalist – “Doing Julia’s smart wellness course seriously transformed not only my health, but my life. It was so simple. I was so impressed that I invested in the company to help reach more people. We want to get this information out far and wide so everyone learns this easy habit-based approach.

Lucia Randone, Wellness Lead, Reply Group – “This was one of the most engaging wellness programs we’ve ever run here. Thank you so much

James Graham, England’s most-capped rugby league player of all time – “When I heard Julia as a guest on a sports podcast I got in touch. I was very concerned about my future risk of dementia due to a playing career of concussions and hard knocks. Doing Julia’s program transformed my life because I learnt so much and was able to make small adjustments to my daily habits that significantly reduce my risk of future illness

Our employer programme

Our aim is to help as many people as possible adopt these simple smart wellness habits. That’s why we love working with forward thinking employers. It helps us quickly reach large numbers of employees.

Please get in touch with us to discuss the superb employer discounts we offer on all our products. We happily tailor packages to fit your needs and budgets.


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Our Live Bacteria Bar!

In 2022, we opened our pop-up to mark the launch of Julia's latest smart wellness book, 'F-Bomb: Longevity Made Easy'.

This space featured a live bacteria bar stocked with 30 different types of kombuchas and kefirs and also hosted our talks and events.

If you'd like us to pop-up in your location or workplace get in touch.